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About innogenix

Innogenix aims to develop, manufacture and commercialize niche, specialty and hard to manufacture Generic Drugs.

Our goal is to create a portfolio of limited source branded and generic pharmaceutical products that will provide competitively price and affordable medicines of the highest quality and standards to physicians and patients in the United States.

We have a diversified and robust product portfolio and a  pipeline of new products. 



Here's how we plan on getting there.

Innogenix prides itself on its excellent team with decades of prior experience in well-reputed pharma companies in developing the most difficult products, including immediate release and complex modified release bio-equivalent products. From product identification to formulation and analytical, Innogenix holds a competitive edge because of its focus on talented individuals and teamwork.

The best team and advanced technology is critical to our vision but a culture of quality is necessary to reach those goals. Quality is embedded in our quality systems and pharmacovigilance. We are constantly learning and growing to adapt to the evolving standards in this highly regulated industry. Our products will be manufactured in America and developed with the highest standards and accountability.

To facilitate our growth plans, we have established a 25,000 square foot facility in Amityville New York and a 30,000 square foot distriution center in Commack New York. We have the capabilities to manufacture and package solid oral dosage forms such as powders, tablets and capsules.

Innogenix plans to develop a marketing platform for its in-house and licensed products, enabling us to reach all 50 states with a solid presence. Our products are developed with the patient and physician in mind, and we will have the robust capabilities to get the right medicine in the right hands.

For reporting adverse drug events (ADEs) related to Innogenix products, please call 1-844-466-6469 or email drugsafety@innogenix.com

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For information related to Innogenix products, please call 1844-466-6469 or email drugsafety@innogenix.com
Our Medical Information Specialists are available 8:30AM-5:00PM ET; Monday to Friday except holiday.
For General Enquires please contact 631-450-4704

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