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Innogenix Quality Assurance team has over 20 years of experience. Our Quality System is designed to guarantee and demonstrate cGMP compliance, as well as satisfying the regulatory and legal requirements that govern the manufacture of our products, wherever we manufacture and sell them. Our approach to quality always considers innovation, productivity and continuous improvement. Quality is the responsibility of all staff at all levels from all departments/areas within the sites’ organization, including suppliers and service providers, to ensure that all products through their life-cycle are manufactured according to GMP, applicable guidelines and regulatory requirements, to fit their intended use. The Quality Management System encompasses an organizational structure, resources, processes and a set of controlled procedures, including a risk management procedure necessary to ensure that products have the required purity, strength and safety, as defined in the regulatory filings. The performance and effectiveness of the system is assessed periodically through the information of most relevant quality metrics and at least once a year by top management in the so called “Performance Review”, where each department presents its achievements, weaknesses, strengths and objectives for the following year and the Top Management has the opportunity to evaluate the performance and to identify areas for improvement and/or to define/approve the appropriate actions.

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For information related to Innogenix products, please call 1844-466-6469 or email drugsafety@innogenix.com
Our Medical Information Specialists are available 8:30AM-5:00PM ET; Monday to Friday except holiday.
For General Enquires please contact 631-450-4704

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